We are a proud CMCA Chapter, set up for owners and those interested in European

caravans and motorhomes. Our chapter focuses on sharing experiences with their

European RV’s, including sharing of technical advice, sharing contacts for things like

spare parts, service agents and their general experiences with these unique

caravans and motorhomes.

Read on – for our history, our news page and see our current happenings.

Our primary method of contact is our Facebook group – which contains a wealth of

information and, of course, grows constantly with new input by members as well as

useful pinned articles for regular reference.

Our club’s catch-phrase is, “Geiro – it’s all about having fun” and that is certainly

true of our chapter. We have fun with regular contact as well as our annual rally,

the “Geiro Gathering”. In addition, members often organise local get-togethers and

get-aways in smaller groups.

If you haven’t already, check out our Facebook group at:


Here we have members willing to help with current travel news and technical


I am sure the friendly experience will encourage you to join CMCA and our chapter

the “Geiro Gatherers“. Here you will be able to access upcoming event details using

the Geiro Gatherers specific CMCA Chapter Facebook group.

As a member you will be able to attend our annual Gathering as well as local


Geiro Gatherers publish a quarterly newsletter containing a wealth of topics


specialist articles, technical advice, news from our committees, contact lists and our

upcoming events. It is emailed to members each quarter.

GEIRO Gatherers do not have specific state based branches, but each state


gatherings for local and visiting members.

Welcome to the Geiro Gatherers.