This CMCA Geiro Gatherers chapter has its roots in the original Geistowners which

was created in 2009 as a managed club, supporting the owners of Geist caravans

after the failure of the Geist importer in Australia.  The first GG (Geist Gathering) was

held at Lindenow in South Eastern Victoria for a week during March of 2010. There

were 20 caravans and their very excited owners at this first GG.

During the following years, the group grew in numbers and met once a year to

socialise and garner knowledge from each other. In 2011 Eden, NSW was the

chosen site gathering, and in 2012 Tanunda, South Australia was the site. 2012

European caravan service agents were also present at the gatherings.  At the 2013

GG in Yamba, after 5 years and 5 GGs it was decided that a new direction was

needed for the club.

The Geistowners members initially chose to have a club run by the owners of the

vans. GEIRO was a Queensland incorporated association under the auspices of the

Queensland Caravan.  As the name GEIRO (Geist and Euro Imported Rv Owners)

suggests, it was decided to open the club to owners of all European vans, as they

have similar structures and use virtually the same spare parts which will benefit us all

in the future.

The inaugural AGM was held at our 2014 GG in Swan Hill, Victoria and GEIRO was

born. Forty-seven caravans, one mobile home and a total of ninety-seven owners

attended.  Each year at the GEIRO Gathering the AGM was held and a Committee

elected at Coolum 2015. We also encourage an expression of interest from the

members as to where the following year’s GG will be held.  These gatherings are to

be shared between the states.  The club is a friendly group with the aim to have fun

with the utmost respect for each other and the public.  Membership was open to all,

no matter the age, gender or state of physical ability.  Assistance will be available

whenever needed at our gatherings.  There are processes in place to look after

member’s health and safety issues when at gatherings, which helps to promote a

responsible fellowship between members. The club endeavours to support local

communities and charities at our gatherings.  Pet friendly activities are included in all

gatherings so that our pets enjoy the relationships that are built between member

owners.  Within the membership of the new club there are a vast number of people

who have a great amount of talent and knowledge that is yet to be tapped.  We have

dealers around Australia who have worked on European RV’s for a great number of

years, some who attend the gatherings offering their expertise and support.

At the 2016 Canberra GEIRO Gathering, the members mandated a new direction.

The committee was given the task to migrate from a state base club to a national

organisation. A study of which organisation to migrate to was taken and a vote to

migrate to CMCA. GEIRO Inc has now morphed into Geiro Gatherers enjoying the

many benefits that a CMCA membership has to offer and reducing the arduous

compliance that incorporation requires.